National RF’s Type NPS-2412

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National RF's Type NPS-2412 analog power supply was designed to be used in communication equipment where radiated switching inverter noise from conventional “switching type” supplies is not acceptable. The power supply consists of a standard rectified transformer output driving a pair of voltage regulators and filtering networks. The 2412 offers an adjustable voltage output between 2 and 24 volts as well as a fixed voltage output of 12 volts. A maximum of 20 Watts of DC power can be supplied from the unit. As the voltage regulators dissipate power in the regulation process, the power to the load is derated accordingly, dependent on the set voltage to the load. The adjustable regulator is a standard LM-317T integrated circuit device. The fixed regulator is a standard LM 7812 device. Upon customer request, the LM 7812 device may be changed to any voltage rating within the the LM-78xx series of regulators. Contact National RF for this modification if desired.


Size (Overall Envelope): 5"L x 2 1/2"W x 2"H

Maximum Power to Load: 20 Watts (combined power from both DC outputs)
Power output from adjustable regulator derated as a function
of set voltage..
Voltage outputs: 2 - 24 volts DC, adjustable
12 volts DC, fixed
AC Ripple: Less than 1 % at full voltage, fixed and adjustable output
Input requirements: 110 VAC or 220 VAC, circuit board configurable,

Price: $ 99.95

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