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The National RF line of attenuators are compact, affordable attenuators which are ideal for insertion between a direction finding antenna and a receiver/transceiver, to aid in the DF process. In addition, they may be used in the laboratory for a low-power, in-line attenuation purposes. The affordable price is achieved by utilizing standard 5% tolerance resistors and commercial hardware. For laboratory purposes, an attenuation versus frequency curve (to 500mMHz) is provided.

The Type AT-100 is a switchable, T-Pad attenuator. Four toggle switches can be switched in to provide 35db, -35db, -20db, and 10db step attenuation. The possible combinations are therefore 10, -20, -30, -35, -45, -55, -65, -70, -80, -90, and 100db.

The Types AT-10, AT-20, AT-30, and AT-35 attenuators are fixed T-pad attenuators, housed in the same enclosure as the AT-100. The suffix number indicates the amount of attenuation the unit provides.





Package Size: 2 inches Length

(all units) 1 Width

1 3/8 Height


Input/Output. Impedance 50 Ohms, Standard

75 Ohms available upon

request and additional cost

Attenuation Steps. AT-100: -35dB,

-35dB, -20 dB, -10dB, -100db total attenuation

T-pad configuration

AT-10: -10 dB, fixed

AT-20: -20 dB, fixed

AT-30: -30 dB, fixed

AT-35: -35 dB, fixed

Interface: Wall mount, female BNC connectors

Power Capability: Watt, RMS

Prices: AT-100: $89.95

At-10 AT-20, AT-30, AT-35: $39.95

(CA residents must add 7 3/4 % Sales Tax)

Shipping/Handling 1 to 3 units: $4.50

Overseas Customers: Please note that an additional overseas shipping charge will be applied to your order. National RF will notify you of the exact amount of shipping to your country via e-mail, after your e-order is placed. The customer is responsible for all and any customs or tarrif charges applied to your order.

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