Flex Mike® II Voice Amplification System



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National RF is pleased to announce the FLEX-MIKE II, an improved voice amplifier designed for the voice impaired. Like the original Flex-Mike, the new unit offers full portability and operation from a single 9-volt Alkaline battery.

The Flex-Mike II comes with an adjustable waist band that allows the user to position the amplifier and speaker enclosure comfortably about the waist. Unique to the unit is the newly designed CHEST-MIKE, which rests flat on the user’s chest and holds the microphone element in front of the mouth. This configuration is more user friendly than the conventional headset more commonly used with similar voice amplifiers. The microphone assembly is light and un-obtrusive and does not impede the normal movements of day-to-day activities.

For those individuals that do desire a headset configuration, such as teachers or instructors, National RF will be glad to offer a headset with the hardware in lieu of the Chest-Mike. Contact National RF for this option if desired.

A four foot extension audio cord is available for those who wish to position the amplifier unit at a distance from the microphone and the user. This configuration is useful for those who may be restricted to bed for long periods of time or for hospital applications.

Soon to come with this product will be an auxiliary, rechargeable battery pack and charging system, which will provide for extended operation of the amplifier and the use of rechargeable batteries. Contact National RF for the status and pricing of this enhancement.


Mechanical Size: 8 Inches by 2 ¾ Inches by 2 Inches deep, contoured to waist.

Power Requirements: Single 9 volt battery, ALKALINE RECOMMENDED

Amplifier Unit Weight: 16 Oz. Chest-Mike Assembly Weight: about 4 Oz.

Power to Speaker: 4 to 5 Watts, Peak Voice Power, 2 Watts, RMS, undistorted power

Audible Frequency Response: Approx. 100 Hz. to 10 KHz.


Price $159.95 plus $7.50 Shipping for Mainland United States
CA residents must add 7 3/4% sales tax

Overseas Customers:
Please note that an additional overseas shipping charge will be applied to your order. National RF will notify you of the exact amount of shipping to your country via e-mail, after your e-order is placed. The customer is responsible for all and any customs or tarrif charges applied to your order.

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