History of National RF Inc.

In 1979, Robert J. Decesari,  started a small business in his garage, named Radio Engineers, to promote a patented portable antenna design for use in radio communication.  The antenna, trade-named "The Porta-Quad", was featured on the front page of "QST" Magazine, in September, 1980.  It was also published in the ARRL "Antenna Book".  Radio Engineers grew into a profitable business, offering numerous consumer products and high tech engineering design services.  Mr. Decesari, an avid Radio Amateur, as well as  a registered professional engineer and business man, was exposed to communications equipment manufactured by the National company as a boy, operating his dad's NC-200 communications receiver.  This led to a love affair with National Radio equipment, from various HRO receivers to the NCX series of transceivers, several of which he still owns and operates.  Unfortunately, after nearly 75 years of manufacturing top-of-the-line radio equipment, National Radio went bankrupt in the mid 70's and then out of existence altogether in the 80's.  By 1990, they were but a memory, however their equipment was (and still is) sought after and is still in operation by both commercial and amateur operators.


In 1995, Mr. Decesari started to design and build, a state-of-the-art communications receivers patterned after the famous HRO series of receivers.  This receiver included a reproduction of the HRO style dial, as well as plug in modules that programmed the receiver.  An entrepreneur as well as an engineer, the idea of offering this new receiver for sale was germinated.  Shortly thereafter, the idea of trying to resurrect National Radio was implanted.  As a result, National RF Inc., came into existence, utilizing the assets of the prior Radio Engineers company and the inspiration of the former National Company.  Today, National RF inc., manufactures numerous RF Communication products, very low frequency geo-physics sensing equipment, and a medically related voice amplifier system, known as the flex-Mike, used by voice impaired individuals.  The future includes reviving the famous HRO series of receiving equipment (the engineering  prototype of the new HRO II-5 pictured on the home page) and possibly other known National Company product line equipment, brought up to date.   

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