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Over the years, National RF, Inc., has accumulated various items and hardware that are new and unused, no longer used in our product line, or removed from hardware that has been modified for specific customers. They are offered on this page at reduced or reasonable prices. National RF will not restock these items once they are gone. In addition, once they are sold, they will not be eligible for refund, should they not fit the customer’s need.

There will be a minimum shipping charge of $6.50 for up to ten items listed on this page. An additional charge may apply on larger orders. Individual items may be combined with other hardware ordered from website at a reduced shipping charge. Contact National RF for details or availability. Sales Tax will be added for California customers through Paypal.


Item   Description  
Test Probes Red and Black plastic probes, with shrouded Banana plugs on end. Shroud is of soft plastic and may be easily cut off with dykes. Originally came with Elenco analog VOM and may be used with any meter with Banana jacks.      
$3.95 Pair
9 Volt Battery Connectors Standard 9 volt battery “snap” type connector with 3 ½ inch red and black leads.       
$0.25 Each

T110Volt AC Chassis/Panel Mount 3-Prong Receptacle

Removed from 12 volt DC to 110 volt AC inverters. Will accept any standard 110 volt plug.     

$1.00 Each
SPST Snap-Action Rocker Type Switches (11/16 x 15/32) Body measures 11/16 by 15/32 inch. Black rocker color.      
$1.50 Each
SPST Snap-Action Rocker Type Switches (3/4 x 1/2) Body measures 3/4 by 1/2 inch. Red rocker color.
$1.50 Each
12 Volt “Cigarette Lighter” Adapter Plug 12 Volt “Cigarette Lighter” Adapter Plug with about 1 ½ feet of heavy gauge wire attached. Robustly made. Some have red LED indicating circuit activation. Removed from power inverters.       
$3.95 Each
9 Volt Batteries Individually wrapped in cellulose, never been used. Chinese made. These are not the world’s greatest batteries! But for low current applications and science projects, the only thing better would be free batteries! Originally came with Elenco Volt Ohm meters.       
$0.25 Each
1.5 Volt Batteries Stilled wrapped in cellulose, never been used. Chinese made. Not the best batteries in the world but fine for low current applications.     
$0.25 Pair
Piezo Audible Indicator Piezo-electric device emits reasonably loud 1 KHz tone. 1/2 inch diameter by 3/8 inch deep. Wire or circuit board contacts. Originally used on power inverters as a low voltage alarm.       
$1.00 Each
Soft Black Vinal Carrying Case Zipper access to inside. Internal measurements are approximately 6 1/4 by 5 by 1 3/4 inches. Originally used to house an analog VOM. Has string holders on inside for meter probe set. Great as a shaving kit for travel!!  


Overseas Customers: Please note that an additional overseas shipping charge will be applied to your order. National RF will notify you of the exact amount of shipping to your country via e-mail, after your e-order is placed. The customer is responsible for all and any customs or tarrif charges applied to your order.

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