Reduction Drive with Indicator

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National RFs Type PD-3 reduction drive with indicator provides a velvet smooth 6 to1 reduction that may be used to drive tuning capacitors or control potentiometers. The drive is of the planetary design, similar to those made by the Jackson Brothers. A clear acrylic indicator with an inscribed black line is mounted to the drive shaft, thus allowing the user to put a custom calibration scale behind the indicator. This drive is the same one used on National RFs Type NPD-3 Analog Display dial but offered at a substantial reduction in price. Only the drive and acrylic indicator are provided with this product.


Body Diameter:

Max Dim. Across Mounting Tangs:

Coupling Interface:

Knob drive shaft:

Over all Depth:

Indicator Length:

1 1/16 inches

1 ½ inches

¼ inch shaft, 2 #6-32 set screws

¼ Diameter, 11/16 inch long

1 ½ inches

2 inches from shaft center


Price $27.95

(CA residents add 7¾% sales tax)

Shipping/Handling: $4.00
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