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The WX-137 series of antennas are marine-grade 137 MHz circularly polarized antennas designed to receive weather satellite images from the polar orbiting NOAA and Meteor satellites. Manufactured from stainless steel and ABS plastics, the assemblies are sealed and designed to survive marine service, although they may be used on land as well. Each antenna is available with or without a gasfet preamplifier which provides about 16 dB of gain and is physically located adjacent to the antenna.

Each antenna is aimed vertically and does not require a tracking system. The quadrifilar helix WX-137Q provides a near circular horizontal antenna pattern while achieving picture lock-on for approximately 150 degrees of satellite pass. These numbers may vary with the parameters of your configuration, such as antenna height, receiver sensitivity, and feedline loss.

If the preamplifier is utilized, 12 volts DC must be impressed upon the feedline coax. Radio Engineers also provides the WXFM Power Filter Coupler which does this function. In addition, a low-pass T-type filter is provided to reduce adjacent 150 MHz. Public service band transmissions which might interfere with your reception.

An example of an image received using the antenna

Image courtesy of Pullman Geosciences Research Foundation. More photos may be seen at


TYPE WX-137Q TURBO-TENNA, 135-138 MHz Quadrifilar helix, circularly polarized (RHCP) Price $169.95


TYPE WX-137QA TURBO-TENNA, same except includes 16 dB Gasfet preamplifier Price $219.95


TYPE WXFM Power filter coupler, 12 volt DC power coupler and filter Price $73.95


Shipping and Handling for all models $6.50

Shipping and Handling for WXFM $3.50

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