Type 2-MQ Portaquad



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The Type 2-MQ Portaquad is a high-gain, full size 2-meter quad antenna designed for portable operations. The mechanical design allows it to fold for stowage or transportation in a container. The container also acts as the antenna’s support base when the antenna is erected. After familiarity with the device is achieved, the antenna may be erected or collapsed in approximately one minute.



Frequency Range: 144-148 MHz VSWR: 1.5 to 1 or better over range.

Forward Gain: Approx. + 8dBi (+6 dB over dipole) F/B Ratio: ~10 dB

Feedline Impedance: 50 ohms Container Size: Length 18.5" Dia. 3.5"

Materials: Acrylic, ABS, and Fiber-glass plastics

US patent #4249185


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