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The VF-145 LA and LMA models are functionally the same as the VF-145 L and LM on both electrical performance and mechanical specifications. However, the LA and LMA models include an internal PIN diode attenuator that provides up to 12 dB of attenuation (measured at 150 MHz, attenuation decrease slightly as operating frequency increases) to the incoming radio signal. This attenuation occurs after the signal is received by the unit and phase shifted for processing, but before it is placed on the coax feedline to the receiver. In addition, the PIN diode utilized will absorb short burst of RF should transceivers be keyed accidentally by the user. This feature aids in very strong signal DF operations but will not totally guarantee against system overload under very strong RF emissions.

VECTOR-Finder Type 145 LA VF-145 LA  $299.95 $7.50
VECTOR-Finder Type 145 LMA VF-145 LMA  $359.95 $7.50

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